Best New Historical Romance Movies

Ophelia (2019) PG-13 Wow, if you love historical movies, this one is beautiful. The costumes, hair, and setting are luscious. It is based on a Shakespeare tragedy, so don’t get your hopes up for a happy ending, but it’s so worth it. The ending was too graphic with the violence for me (I tend toContinue reading “Best New Historical Romance Movies”

Why “Instalove” isn’t an Issue of Time

(3 minute read:) Hey, everyone! Tanager here! Three things this week got me thinking about instalove, and how I’ve probably been oversimplifying what that is exactly, so I figured it would be a good topic for my first post! So are you ready to fall in love with me fast? Like, really fast? Great! Let’s get started! My sisterContinue reading “Why “Instalove” isn’t an Issue of Time”

Best Historical Romantic Movies on Netflix

I love romantic movies! Especially those with an actual plot, good character development, and realistic emotion. Here are some historical romantic movies I’ve found on Netflix that I gave a thumbs up. Running for Grace (2018) TV-14 Set in Hawaii, a half-Japanese boy falls in love with the daughter of a rich plantation owner. AContinue reading “Best Historical Romantic Movies on Netflix”